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What is transgressive literature now...?

In the next few weeks, we're going to be introducing a new category of works to the Belfort and Bastion catalog. Specifically, we are going to be offering you works of Transgressive literature and art.

Which should, of course, invoke in you a certain response. You should, at this moment, be sitting there in front of your laptop, your hand on that cup of mocha-grande, and be asking yourself, "What the hell do they mean by that?"

A damn fine question.

Unfortunately, we're not too sure ourselves.

But we do have an answer to share with you....

And, better yet, we have some titles to go with that answer.  For example:

They were a strange combination…

A girl whose greatest pleasure came from her own erotic degradation.

A saintly man who called himself a "Fascist."

A woman who believed she was invulnerable, and was proved so wrong.

A genius…without mercy.

They all meet in this fascinating novel …a collision that will wound them all!

Presenting The Kind And Gentle Fascist, one of the few mainstream novels in decades to have a Man Of The Right as its hero.

 "A interesting book not only as fiction," notes writer Victor Storiguard (Singular Encounters, Hydra). "But also as an essay exploring that curious combination of sometimes benign ideologies that were forced to merge in the 1930s into that ultimate political evil called 'Fascism.'"

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