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The Colored Seasons
Remarkable New Poetry from Lépold Figaro

Belfort & Bastion today announced the publication of Léopold Figaro's The Colored Seasons. With this striking debut collection, Figaro shows himself to be a vibrant new voice in American and Haitian-American poetry.

By turns lushly beautiful, startlingly erotic, genuinely wise, and frankly terrifying, these pieces combine a masterful control of image and line with a lyrical love of language. In them, Figaro somehow manages to interlace his Afro-Caribbean and Haitian-American heritage with a conception of the universe that is, at heart, profoundly optimistic and therefore very American.

Today a resident of Boston, Figaro grew up in the historic Haitian art city of Jacmel, which has been called the Greenwich Village or Left Bank of the nation. "It is my intention," he notes, "to include the Jacmelian flavor in everything I write." And in particular, he says, he wants to explain the Haitian and Haitian-American experience to readers who are unfamiliar with those cultures. "People think of Haiti as simply one vast cesspool of corruption and suffering. I want to show the world that there is also a Haiti that is rich in art, in poetry, and in intellectual experimentation."

Thus his poetry is redolent with references to Haitian spiritual life. "Call it 'Vodou,' if you like," he notes. "But people forget there is more to Vodou than religion…more than spirits and witchcraft. It is a complete culture, with art, stories, legends, songs, and more. That is the kind of Vodou I try to invoke in my work."

While Figaro has been extensively published in Haiti and in French, this is first English-language book length publication in the USA.

The Colored Seasons is now available on Amazon at, and in ebook form at

Jerry James McMurry, that master of the prose sketch, brings us Ice Cream Counter!

In these short pieces (at times painfully realistic, at others playfully fantastic) McMurry shows us a whole world centered on a simple ice cream counter. Seemingly mundane, it is a place where every possible human interaction can take place. Hatred and love, triumph and defeat, the world ending not with a bang but a whimper…all are here.

And every word is perfectly true. Even the fantastic is familiar. You know you've felt and done exactly the same thing in dreams.

So explore this new and compelling assortment of lives, good and bad, which come together at the ice cream counter…

Now on Amazon at:

Gwendolyn seemed like a normal, healthy young woman. Everyone said there was nothing particularly remarkable about her, except she had a curious interest in falconry.

But there was more to Gwendolyn then they knew.

She had a hawk's eyes! And she had a destiny her friends and family could not imagine!

The first of a series of fabulous tales from master storyteller Jerry James McMurry, Gwendolyn introduces us to both a terrific and fascinating character as well as a great work of young adult fiction.

Now on Amazon at:

Dangerous Rabbits (In Albuquerque)

A fabulous, funny book about a man and his six-foot-six giant killer rabbit best friend!

Sewell is just an ordinary guy. A bit nuts, yeah. But not so much as you'd notice. Just enough to have an imaginary Giant White Rabbit as his best friend.

But then Sewell met up with the beautiful pretend detective …and a very real murder. And all of a sudden Sewell's craziness looked downright sane.

Fortunately, when the chips are down, you can always count on your BFF…even if he is a wisecracking killer rabbit with commando training.

'Cause, after all. Sometimes a hare's gotta do what a hare's gotta do.

"On one level this is a witty, romantic, and light-hearted mystery comedy of a book," says Stewart Arthur Ravelin (author of The Kind And Gentle Fascist), "but on another, it is quite serious. It is the tale of a man so horribly abused that he has become something of a monster. But a monster determined to be on the side of the angels."

On Amazon at:

A new and luminous voice in American Poetry

Belfort and Bastion is proud to introduce W. L. Kasperek's debut collection of poetry in e-book form, Lucky Pennies. In this remarkable work, Kasperek proves herself to be among the best of the new voices of what has been called the post-postmodern age. Her works firmly reject the cheap cynicism and cheaper irony that have been all too often the hallmarks of recent poetry. In their place she offers an unblinking realism but a realism firmly tied to a strong moral conception of what the world could be and should be

"Kasperek's work shows that reports of the 'death of the aesthetic' are greatly exaggerated," notes Victor Storiguard (author of Singular Encounters and Hydra). "Her poetry proves beyond question that there is still a place for beauty, morality, sentiment, and justice in the world of the artist."

Lucky Pennies includes some of the best of Kasperek's recent work. The poems here range from the haiku-like evocations of the natural world (for example, "The Lake Is A Mirror,") to wonderfully comic meditations on the passing scene ("Please Save Our Drive-Inns"), to the deeply personal and touching ("A True Hero").

Lucky Pennies is available as an e-book on Amazon now at:

About W. L. Kasperek

Kasperek was born and raised in southern California. She then launched into a career that includes military service, music, and motherhood.

As for her poetry, she notes, "creating poems is a healing process for me …As I move on in life I will continue to share what I see in this world of mine, good and bad and right or wrong…"

On Amazon at:

Bio-hacking. Synthetic life. Quantum minds. Welcome to the world of The Prometheans…

In these four haunting tales of the near future, Anastasia Leach explores the biopunk and quantum intelligence age in all its promise and horror. Be ready for:

*"Prometheans"— The good news: you may be immortal. The bad news: everyone wants a piece of you, the literal kind.

*"A Happy Place"— The Geiste are quantum minds in human bodies. In theory, they should be a thriving blend of both. In practice...

*"Colony"—There is something alive in the dark water. But, not to worry, it's only looking for a home.

*"The Mentor"— A kid with a knack for synthetic biology has a girl to impress and a bully to deal with. What can possibly go wrong?

This twisted and suspenseful collection presents a posthuman future where survival of both humans and nonhumans depends on ageless feelings of love, fear, hate, and hope.

Now on Amazon: Prometheans


Something For Everything by Robert L. Folkner

What would you give up to get everything you've always wanted? Or that you thought you wanted? That's the question young Bradley Hollenger is about to answer…the hard way. This remarkable and disquieting re-telling of the Faust story from the perspective of a modern American teenager will appeal to adult and young adult readers alike.
Amazon Kindle Edition: Something For Everything


An Island Otherwise Invisible by Michael Jay Tucker

Reading Michael Jay Tucker's fiction and prose poetry is a bit like taking a leisurely walk in Alice's Wonderland. Things seem the same, but they morph into something alien at a moment's notice, and even the smallest detail is somehow charged with extra meaning.

Most readers know Tucker for his non-fiction. But, as he notes in the introduction of this collection, fiction and experimental prose poetry (what he calls "flashes") were always his first love. These pieces, some published here for the first time, range from tender ballads to shockingly erotic short stories, from painfully stark realism to fabulist science fiction recalling Borges and Stanislaw Lem, and from explorations of the many forms of love to shocking tales of absolute hatred.

Kindle Edition: An Island Otherwise Invisible

Lost Classics

What are Lost Classics?

There are millions of books out there that are brilliant and moving and wise and beautiful …but which have been, for no good reason, allowed to drop from view. They are Lost Classics. It is Belfort and Bastion's mission to find such books, annotate them as extensively as we can, provide a new foreward, and generally make them accessible to today's audience.

We regard it as a calling. Holy and pure.


Letters From America (Annotated)
By Rupert Brooke
With a new foreward by Nigel Jones

Belfort and Bastion is proud to announce an annotated edition of Rupert Brooke's famous Letters From America…with a new foreward from his biographer, Nigel Jones.

Rupert Brooke was one of the most admired poets of pre-World War I Britain, as well as (in the words of W.B. Yeats)  "the handsomest young man in England." He also knew almost everyone who was anyone in British society. His friends ranged from Winston Churchill to Virginia Woolf, while his romantic liaisons included famed divas of stage and screen…and obscure school chums.

Today, he is known almost exclusively for the intensely patriotic poems he wrote just before his own early death in the Great War. But, he was also a fantastically talented travel writer. In 1913, he toured the United States, Canada, and the South Seas and left his impressions of them in a series of witty and insightful essays that were later collected and published in book form as Letters From America.

Belfort and Bastion is proud to offer this annotated edition of the Letters to a generation of readers and scholars who may know Brooke the poet but not Brooke the travel writer. And we're delighted to pair them with a new foreward by the journalist, author, and literary historian, Nigel Jones, whose biography of the poet, Rupert Brooke, Life, Death and Myth, is considered one of the best ever done about him.

Brooke's life was turbulent and tragically short (he was 28 when he died). But, in Letters, he is at his sparkling best. Anyone with an interest in the great names of the last century, and how they saw their world, owes it to themselves to get a copy of this e-book.

You can see Letters From America (Annotated) on Amazon at:


   Science Fiction

Singular Encounters: Three Tales of Transhumanity by Victor Storiguard

What happens after the Singularity?

Here are three encounters with the transhuman…three tales of ordinary people meeting creatures as evolved beyond us as we are beyond insects…

"A Shift In Perception" — Marc thought his life was over. In one sense he was right. But in another…

"A Singular Encounter" —Dr. Peersa was a hunted woman. What her enemies didn't know was that she had friends in very high places.

"Locusts" — Mondas had spent twenty years protecting a natural wonder. But there were guardians a thousand times more terrible than he.

So enter Victor Storiguard's vision of the transhuman age…in all its beauty, Eros, wonder… and horror.

Kindle Edition: Singular Encounters

Jellies by Victor Storiguard

Three more tales from Victor Storiguard…

"Jellies" — She was the most powerful magistrate in the city, but she'd been targeted by a transhuman technology that had already killed three people. Could he save the woman he loved from the guardians of the Fronds?

"Blimp"— The dying professor had his choice of afterlives. He picked Big. He picked wrong.

"On The Morning of the Azatlan Secession"—He had almost killed himself. But she found his brush with death terrifyingly erotic.

Once again, Storiguard takes us into his vision of the future, where ordinary men must battle extraordinary adversity and posthuman beings overshadow us all.

Kindle Edition:  Jellies

Tower, and other transhuman tales by Victor Storiguard

More stories from the transhumanic future…!

"Deal Breaker"—Her brother offered her the universe on a silver platter. Power, super-intelligence, eternal youth….

There was just one little catch.

"The Hate Buyer"—The mysterious woman would give him the moon and the stars, as well as her own magnificent body. What did she want in return?

Only his hate…

"canapé"—The professor was a pompous ass. But that was fine. They valued him for his brains.

Just not in the way he expected.

"Tower"—The late Professor Graystock's notebook and the mysterious device he'd found in the ruins of Kambritche would make them world famous.

But who was Fithaga? And what was the deadly secret of the defixio?

Kindle Edition: Tower
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