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Here's what you need to know about Arms Candlevolume charts, a radically new way of looking at price and volume.

Dick Arms is well known as the inventor of one of the single most important means of stock analysis in use to day, Equivolume Charting, as well as the developer of the TRIN Index.

But he's gone far beyond that. His new technique, Arms Candlevolume, will do as much to revolutionize the technician's craft as Equivolume Charting did, and maybe far more. Arms Candlevolume charts combine the best attributes of Bar Charts, Equivolume Charts and Candlesticks, while providing new and powerful functionality in the process.

This short and highly readable book details the use of Arms Candlevolume charts and will be invaluable to both the stock market professional and the sophisticated individual investor.

Arms Candlevolume is available in hardcopy form on our website at:

And as an ebook on Amazon here:

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